ISurGuard coatings are a family of highly water-repellent, superhydrophobic (SHPb) coatings. Water bounces off these coatings. They may be applied by dipping, brushing and spraying, and cured with UV light and/or heat. Click through to see images and videos depicting some of their many and various applications, indoors and out.

ISurGuard Properties

Highly water-repellent ISurGuard coatings resist wetting by water. When water comes in contact with the coated surface, the water droplet forms a nearly perfect sphere on the surface with a water contact angle > 150o, the water bounces off, preventing water penetration and reducing snow and ice adherence to the surface. Due to their unwettability, ISurGuard coated surfaces have self-cleaning and anti-fouling characteristics as well. ISurGuard coatings are based on ISurTec proprietary photocrosslinker and nanotexture technology. Take a look through the many applications of superhydrophobic coatings.

ISurGuard Coatings protect against water not only in its liquid form, but also when water is in the form of snow and ice as well. Coated pieces were place outside in the Minnesota winter and images taken after freezing rain events, snow, and the standard tough Minnesota weather.

Aluminum coupon, dipcoated in ISurGuard on its lower half only (brown), after a freezing rain event. Its coated portion was entirely ice-free.

A section of aluminum-wrapped electrical transmission line (ETL) was spray-coated with superhydrophobic (SHPb) ISurGuard on both ends, leaving a center area bare. It was hung outdoors in below-freezing Minnesota winter weather overnight, then ice water was poured over it. On close inspection, it is evident that water penetrated the bare uncoated portion and froze into it, encasing it thickly in ice. The ISurGuard-coated portions prevented water penetration and the icicles are only loosely attached and originate where water beaded up in the grooves on the top of the transmission wire. There is significantly less weight of ice on the ISurGuard-coated portion of the ETL, helping to prevent breakage and power outages during storms.

ISurGuard coatings repel snow from covering fabric (here, a nylon satellite dish cover): the right half is coated, that to the left is not. There is no snow on the coated portion of the fabric cover.

ISurGuard repels dirt and rainwater from fabric (here, black ripstop nylon): the left piece is coated, the one to the right is not; both were mounted outdoors throughout a Minnesota summer and pictured after a rain event.

ISurGuard repels mud from fabric: the right half is coated, the left half is not; both were pressed into a dish of wet mud (see videos in ISurGuard in Action).

ISurGuard coatings keep water off metals, protecting them from corrosion.

Two coupons of aluminum were immersed in red water-based dye for one year. The ISurGuard coated coupon on the left shows little corrosion, while the uncoated aluminum coupon is severely corroded after one year.

ISurGuard coated aluminum coatings (right) resist corrosion when immersed in aqueous NaCl (3.5%) while uncoated coupons (left) are badly corroded.

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