Coating Services

Coating Services

We’ve taken the common tasks every organization working with hydrophilic coatings winds up doing and and organized them into a straightforward Requirements, Feasibility, and Optimization (RFO) process, complemented with our service offerings, to help you accelerate your success. If you are new to lubricious hydrophilic coatings, we recommend you leverage the steps as a guide to help you accelerate your success.

ISurTec’s Recommended Requirements, Feasibility, and Optimization (RFO) Process & Service Offerings

  1. Coating Requirements – Document your performance specifications for the coating, i.e., lubricity, durability, thickness, etc.
  2. Feasibility/Proof of Concept – Determine the specific hydrophilic coating chemistry and coating application method that will meet your general performance targets. If chosen as a service, we will also provide you coated samples for your testing
  3. Coating Optimization – Optimize the coating and coating process, ensuring repeatability, to meet your strict performance metrics and allow for transfer to your manufacturing process. If chosen as a service, we will also provide you coated samples for your testing and assist with the transfer to your manufacturing process.

ISurTec has a robust family of hydrophilic coatings so most customer needs can be met with our off-the-shelf solutions; however, if you find you need a custom coating solution ISurTec can develop coatings specific to your parameters.

If you desire an outsourced coating service, we can transfer your requirements and all outputs from our RFO process directly to our preferred hydrophilic coating partner: Harland Medical.  Harland Medical has used ISurTec’s coating solutions for both in their coating services and as a reseller for their entire history, so your transfer process is straightforward.  Harland has nearly two decades of experience in hydrophilic coating services, is the industry-standard for lubricious coating test equipment, and can provide whatever scale you need, from small batch runs to high-volume efficient production.

ISurTec is a technology innovator with a deep passion for identifying, creating and commercializing new methods and products that enable companies to fulfill their mission.


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ISurTec will consistently provide high quality products and services that meet requirements for medical device coatings and other scientific coatings. We will actively strive to bring excellence to the surface in all that we do, meeting or exceeding customers’ needs and expectations, and improve the quality of our products and service by enabling each employee to fulfill their job responsibilities correctly the first time.

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