Our name, ISurTec, is a shortened version of Innovative Surface Technologies and represents what we provide:

Innovation to improve interactions of surfaces with the body

We develop coatings to reduce protein and cell adsorption or mineral deposition on surfaces allowing devices to retain their functions longer. For example, when a medical device enters the body, a cascade of biological actions occurs at the surface. Our medical device coating products control the surface properties to minimize harm to the body and to the medical device from those biological interactions. The ISurGlide hydrophilic lubricious coatings reduce tissue damage and allow coated devices to easily glide into and throughout the body.

What ISurTec can do for you


ISurGlide hydrophilic coatings decreases friction for medical device insertion, reducing procedure time and tissue damage for minimally invasive surgeries and other procedures. Applied to catheters, guide-wires, introducers and other medical devices. Sold commercially and used on FDA-approved devices since 2007.


Our latest coatings control the interaction of cells and biomolecules at the surface of the vial or plate wall. If you don’t want cells to attach, use our ISurCell Ultra-Low Attachment plates.

If you want your cells to attach but come off at a given time, our ISurTherm Thermoresponsive Plates are for you!


We develop custom coatings to modify devices for specific surface properties – wettability, lubricity, drug delivery, hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, biomolecule attachment, etc.

We work with your device to optimize our current coatings or develop completely new ones to your specifications.

ISurTec is a technology innovator with a deep passion for identifying, creating and commercializing new methods and products that enable companies to fulfill their mission.


Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.
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ISurTec will consistently provide high quality products and services that meet requirements for medical device coatings and other scientific coatings. We will actively strive to bring excellence to the surface in all that we do, meeting or exceeding customers’ needs and expectations, and improve the quality of our products and service by enabling each employee to fulfill their job responsibilities correctly the first time.

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