ISurTherm® Cultureware

ISurTherm® Cultureware

ISurTherm Thermoresponsive Cell Culture Surfaces

ISurTherm is a proprietary thermoresponsive coating available on many cell culture substrates. The use of these surfaces replaces the use of trypsin for collecting cells since detachment is achieved merely by lowering the culture temperature to ambient room temperature. This eliminates the need for trypsin; hence saving on washing, labor, and time.

The thermoresponsive T25 ISurTherm® flasks from ISurTec® allow users to harvest strongly adherent cells without enzymatic digestion. The harvested cells retain high viability and intact cell junction proteins. Without the need for trypsin or other enzymes for passaging, cost and contamination risk are greatly reduced. ISurTherm is designed for use with strongly adherent cell lines such as human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) as well as typical adherent cell types, including fibroblast and endothelial cells.

Applications: ISurTherm is ideally suited for the collection of viable cells with intact cell surface proteins and gap junctions without the use of digestive enzymes like trypsin or other harsh treatment.

Cells cultured for 48 hrs on an ISurTherm plate and released at room temperature after 5 minutes (left) before forming a cell sheet after 20 minutes (right).

At room temperature, cell sheets will spontaneously release within 30 minutes

ISurTherm Cultureware available for purchase

ISurTherm® T25 Tissue Culture Flask, pack of 6

ISurTherm® T75 Tissue Culture Flask, pack of 6

ISurTherm® T175 Tissue Culture Flask, pack of 4

ISurTherm® T225 Tissue Culture Flask, pack of 4

ISurTherm Functionality

ISurTherm is available on different culture surfaces and can be optimized for cell type adherence strengths. The coating is compatible and non-cytotoxic with multiple cell lines, including mesenchymal stem cells, offering an advantage over current commercial products. 

ISurTherm Cultureware Includes:

  • Flasks

ISurTherm works on multiple cell lines, showing an advantage in release with most lines over current commercial products.

Release measured after 48 hrs of culturing, quantified using the ViaLight ATP-detection assay according to standard protocol, by an independent laboratory.

Improved mesenchymal stem cell release over commercial products:

Complete detachment of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from ISurTherm surfaces occurred within 30 min at room temperature as compared with no significant MSC detachment on the Product A surfaces.

Cell gap junctions, surface proteins, and extracellular matrix proteins are preserved as no chemical or protease treatment is required for release.

A) LIVE/DEAD cytotoxicity shows the coating is non-toxic to the cells and B) Connexin-43 (CX-43 a gap junction marker) staining on a cell sheet that has released from the surface shows the majority are CX-43 immunoreactive.

ISurTherm has also been applied to nanofibers and microcarriers for custom work:

A) LIVE/ DEAD cytotoxicity assay of BAE cells growing on ISurTherm-coated polystyrene microcarriers
B) High power (400x magnification) of BAE cells growing on ISurTherm-treated microcarriers
C) Low temperature release of BAE cells from the microcarriers
D) Released cell suspension after 20 min. at room temperature
E) Released cells growing on cell culture surfaces after reseeding (75 cm2 flasks)

ISurTherm cell sheet release stained with Connexin-43

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