We always seek motivated, curious colleagues. If you are interested in joining our team, check out the openings below. ISurTec provides a close-knit, intellectual atmosphere of discovery, as well as an excellent benefits package including 401k match, medical and dental insurance, PTO, and paid holidays.

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Current Openings

Tissue Engineer

Position Summary

This R&D position will work with next-generation cell culture surfaces and tissue engineering scaffolds, using human iPSCs and hMSCs. The coatings and scaffolds under development are next-generation, NIH-supported technologies under development for use in drug development, biotherapeutics production, medical device, and research markets. ISurTec is a small company with dynamic R&D programs and 10+ years of commercial product sales in the medical device market.


  • M.S. or B.S. degree with equivalent experience
  • Strong background in Cell Bio., Biochem., & Mol. Biol.
  • Mastery of stem cell culture and experience with iPSC differentiation methods
  • Industrial experience in these or related fields is a plus

The successful candidate will take a lead role in stem cell and iPSC-derived tissue cultures, assist with technology development, and have opportunity to invent and develop novel technologies from the ground up. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience working at the interface of living systems and biomaterials. Knowledge or experience related to biotherapeutics, biotechnology, tissue organoids and/or tissue chips and/or high-throughput/high/content cell-based assays will also be viewed positively.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Characterization of cellular responses to coatings and scaffolds
  • Use scaffolds and surface-chemistry to engineer complex 3D tissues
  • Use medical device coatings to control host-response to implanted devices
  • Hands-on research developing and testing biomaterial coatings and scaffolds
  • Assist with technical writing including grant applications, intellectual property, presentations, and thorough documentation of research

Send Resume With Cover Letter To:
HR Dept., Innovative Surface Technologies (ISurTec™)
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Saint Paul MN, 55114

Internship Opportunities

ISurTec is proud to offer paid internships through the SciTechsperience internship program. Our internships are over the summer or school year and take place in both our research and production facilities. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in interning with ISurTec, check out the following:


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Innovative Surface Technologies, Inc.
1045 Westgate Drive Suite 100
Saint Paul, MN 55114



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