ISurCell Ultra-Low Attachment Plates

ISurCell Ultra-Low Attachment Plates

Create long-term, attachment-free, cultures. Even with challenging cells.

ISurCell TM ultra low attachment (ULA) plates spontaneously and rapidly promote uniform spheroid formation and suspension culture. They are designed to work where traditional ULA plates may struggle. Our innovative technology allows creation of long-term cultures by ensuring attachment-free spheroids and enabling contactless transfer of delicate tissues. ISurCell plates are noncytotoxic, synthetic, and xeno-free.

ISurCell applications include: tissue models for drug discovery / development, suspension cultures, and organoid generation. ISurCell is conducive to a variety of cell/tissue types: Primary cells, MSCs, iPSC-derived progenitor cells, and neural tissue cultures.

ISurCell is designed to work with:

  • Strongly adherent cells

  • Primary cells

  • Complex tissue organoids

See The Difference

Side-by-Side experiment using same technique. Neural progenitor cells seeded at high density.


Single Spheroid -Ultra-thin coating improves imaging

ULA Competitor

Multiple Spheroids – Hydrogel coating causes inferior imaging

Metabolic Activity of 1 week old Spheroids

 Versatile Applications

Here ISurCell was patterned in a proof-of-concept experiment to highlight the capability and versatility of the polymer. ISurCell was applied using a common inkjet printer to create a stencil pattern.

The green area shows the non-treated surface with calcein-stained hDF.

Contactless Cell Transfer, No Scraping

hMSC spheroids transferred by pipetting within a 96-well ISurCell plate

Rapid Spheroid Production

hMSCs seeded in a 96-well ISurCell plate

Ordering Information


Product Name Wells (Bottom Shape) Color Package
ISurCell 24F 24 Flat Clear Individual package /20 plates case
ISurCell 96R 96 Round Clear Individual package /20 plates case

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