Coating Optimization

Coated Cultureware

The next step in coating is to meet your specific performance requirements with a repeatable coating process. This step is separated from the feasibility because once the coating chemistry is optimized coating performance is highly dependent on the coating methodology. Ensuring this process is repeatable to ensure consistency requires repeated coating and testing using highly specialized equipment to test each part of the process. Optimization is typically done in iterative cycles working very closely with the customer (you!). See our considerations in coating webinar for more information what’s involved in the coating process.

What do you get with this service?

  • Iterative testing done in close coordination with your team
  • Final coating procedure designed to optimize manufacturing cost & process time
    • Coating parameters designed to meet your specific coating requirements for thickness, lubricity, durability, etc. This will include coating method (typically dip coating, but may be spray coating, web coating, or other depending on your application), dwell time, dip speed, UV cure wavelength specifications, cure time, etc.
    • Specific hydrophilic coating solution recommendation (if any changes are warranted after review of your feasibility testing results)
  • Optional (invasive medical devices only): We will run your device through our tortuous path testing service and report on durability and particulate.
  • Optional: recommendations on coating machines, UV curing lights, and test machines for your coating process.
  • A pre-agreed upon number of coated pieces at each step of the iterative design process
  • Technology transfer support

How it works:

Having specific requirements documented and a feasibility/proof-of-concept completed is required before engaging on this step.


  1. Review feasibility results and, if needed, update your coating requirements and testing plan.
  2. Determine how many pieces you’ll want sent to back to you for your own testing.
  3. Assign a technical contact responsible for reviewing the coating protocol in detail, ensuring coating questions are asked and answered, then ensuring that your organization will be able to replicate it in-house.
  4. Provide us with this information.


  1. Analyze the information you provide to understand the series of experiments and testing needed to create the optimized coating protocol.
  2. Estimate how many pieces we need for this step. This plus the number of pieces you want back for testing will be the number of pieces we request in our statement of work.
  3. As in the feasibility step, we document how we will test the coated pieces before we send them back to you.
  4. Provide you a statement of work, quote, and estimated duration.

If you agree to the statement of work and quote and move forward providing a purchase order we will begin work. If the work extends past 10 days we will provide regular updates on progress.

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