In-house electrospinning capability to fabricate nano- to microfibrillar membranes and scaffolds.

Electrospinning is a manufacturing technique that produces polymer fibers for tissue engineering and membrane production. The fibers can be produced from synthetic and natural polymers ranging in diameter from the nano- to micro-scale. ISurTec develops aligned and randomly oriented non-woven electrospun membranes for in-house research including drug development scaffolds and photoreactive nanofibers.

About Electrospinning

ISurTec has a climate-controlled electrospinning apparatus that can fabricate a range of fiber diameters and orientations from both natural and synthetic fibers.

The electrospinning technique utilizes an applied current to “draw” long, thin threads from a charged polymer solution

Optimizing the spinning parameters can create polymer mats with fiber diameters from 200 nm to 2 μm in diameter. We can manufacture randomly oriented and axially aligned fibrous mats with optimized pore size and fiber diameter for a range of applications.

Range of Polymers


Natural and Photoreactive (using ISurTec’s photochemistry):

ISurTec also utilizes our proprietary photochemistry to create photoreactive nanofibers. This enables the immobilization of growth factors and proteins on the surface of the scaffolds. ISurTec is developing this capture technology as printed ink to pattern neural scaffolds for directed tissue architecture in drug development assays. 

IME Technologies Electrospinner:

CE Mark

Climate controlled

Aligned or random fiber orientation capabilities

Co-axial spinning

Gas shielding

Epilog CO2 Laser Cutter

High resolution

Optimized parameters for various polymers

Minimal fiber melting and particle production

The mandrel (right) rotates and the nozzle (left) horizontally translates as a jet of polymer solution travels from the nozzle to the mandrel via applied high voltage. The solution reaches the mandrel as a polymer fiber to create a non-woven scaffold (pop-out).

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