ISurGlide® Coatings- High performance lubricity with durability and adhesion to many types of substrates!

ISurGlide Coatings
  • ISurGlide® coatings are proprietary formulations
  • ISurTec’s® photoreactive chemistry and hydrophilic polymers provide a lubricious surface for various indwelling medical devices.
  • An ISurGlide® coating produces a smooth, durable, and lubricious surface that exhibits a low coefficient of friction and reduces tissue damage, bacterial adhesion, and biofilm formation.
  • An ISurGlide® surface modification provides an environmentally friendly and easy to process lubricious coating with demonstrated biocompatibility as evaluated by an independent testing laboratory.

Properties & Features

Lubricity of ISurTec Coating on Nylon
  • ISurGlide® coatings are applied in a simple process to provide a lubricious coating to the substrate.
  • ISurGlide® formulations require minimal special storage conditions. When stored at room temperature and protected from light, they have at least two years of shelf-life.
  • ISurGlide® lubricious coatings can reduce friction by greater than 95% and provide a slippery feel to the fingers when wet.
  • Multiple ISurGlide® products are available and optimized for substrate and coating thickness. Custom formulations can be designed for specific applications depending on your needs.
  • ISurGlide® formulations are formulated and ready to use. There is no weighing, tedious mixing, or solvent handling to prepare the lubricious coating solution prior to application.


  • Medical devices or other product surfaces requiring low friction for effective operation under a variety of conditions have enhanced performance using ISurGlide® surface modification.
  • ISurGlide® coatings bond well to surfaces such as polyvinyl chloride, low durometer Grilamid®, PEBAX® , and Polystyrene.
  • ISurTec® manufactures three ISurGlide® lubricious coating formulations that are optimized for different substrates and processes.


ISurGlide® products are available in 1 liter and 4 liter containers.  Please CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs for lubricious coating.