Intellectual Property

ISurTec® has several patents and patent applications in the U.S. and overseas, covering such technologies as:

  • Multifunctional latent-reactive crosslinking reagents
  • Primer or base coating compositions for relatively inert material surfaces
  • Hydrophilic and lubricious coating technologies
  • Thermoresponsive coatings and nanofiber surfaces on cell cultureware and microcarriers for research and production of stem and other eucaryotic cell types
  • Coated devices for production of embryoid bodies and other cell clusters
  • Nanotextured hydrophobic and omniphobic “self-cleaning” coating technologies
  • Biomolecule immobilization technologies
  • 3-D matrices for bone repair and tissue engineering
  • Gene uptake for nerve and other cell therapy
  • Antimicrobial wound dressings