ISurGuard® Superhydrophobic Surfaces


Nature endows water repellency to numerous plants and animals. An example is the lotus plant whose leaves and blossoms are always beautiful and clean. The “lotus leaf effect” or superhydrophobicity is due, at least in part, to its surface nanostructure that prevents the collection of water droplets. ISurTec® has formulated a surface modification technology to produce highly hydrophobic, oleophobic coatings. The coating reagent is based on ISurTec®’s propietary photocrosslinker and nanotexture technology.


Water Contact Angle

With an ISurGuard® coating, water bounces off a surface, preventing water penetration, snow and ice adherence to the surface and metal corrosion is inhibited. Like a lotus leaf, ISurGuard® surfaces have self-cleaning and anti-fouling characteristics. A water contact angle that is greater than 140° is an operative feature of the ISurGuard® surface modification.


ISurGuard® coating compositions have a simple, manufacturing friendly two-step procedure. The stable formulation may be applied to a substrate by spraying, brushing or dipping; curing of an ISurGuard® composition to a surface is at room temperature.

ISurGuard® compositions have been used to prevent water damage to sensitive electronic products. After application and curing, the nanostructured coating creates a barrier that repels moisture and other environmental agents such as snow and ice. Application of the coating can be on specific instrument surfaces or components as well as the entire instrument case or housing, The resulting water-repellent, anti-corrosive coating allows electronic instrument manufacturers to offer more durable and reliable instruments.

Mud on Fabric

An ISurGuard® coating can prevent water from wetting fabrics. This coating minimizes or even prevents dirt from adhering to textiles and fabrics, thus reducing or eliminating the need for laundering. Textile and clothing manufacturers can produce self-cleaning fabrics and apparel. Life cycle assessment studies have shown that during a two year life span, 75% of the energy consumption associated with clothing comes from laundering the item.

Snow on Satellite Dish


Therefore, self-cleaning apparel can help to decrease the amounts of energy, detergent, and water used for laundering, thus having a positive environmental impact.

For additional information on how an ISurGuard® coating may help you overcome a difficult water related problem with a current or future product, please CONTACT US .