ISurTec® was founded in December 2004 by Patrick Guire, Ph.D., co-founder and former Senior VP/Chief Scientific Officer of SurModics. Currently, the company occupies three laboratories and office space, all located at the University Enterprise Laboratories, a technology incubator for start-up companies located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Members of the ISurTec team include Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. scientists having over 150 years of combined experience in applied research, product development and chemical product manufacturing. While at SurModics, Dr. Guire and other team members contributed to the commercialization of numerous products, including PhotoLink® lubricious coating reagents, StabilCoat®, StabilGuard®, and StabilZyme® immunoassay stabilization reagents, CodeLink® microarray slides, as well as Cypher® and Eureka® coating technologies.

Since ISurTec’s founding, the team has developed, produced, and sold several products, specifically primer and lubricious coating formulations for medical devices such as catheters and guidewires. More information is available under PRODUCTS.