Besides pursuing applied research in surface and material science as well as offering products for sale, we provide a contract R&D service to assist customers needing to change surface or bulk properties of existing or future products.  We have the staff, intellectual property, proprietary reagents, equipment, and facilities to modify the surface characteristics of organic (plastics including silicone rubber) and inorganic materials (metals, glass, ceramics) and develop products using these technologies. Our coating compositions are currently used by medical device, diagnostic, and consumer product companies.

We currently have available (or are developing independently or through collaboration) the following products and technologies:

  • Adhesion control coatings
  • Lubricious (low friction) coatings
  • Antimicrobial surfaces
  • Drug delivery technologies
  • Blood/tissue compatible coatings
  • Biofilm-disrupting wound healing technology
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Cell growth and release vessels, for Stem and other cell types
  • Cell cluster (including EMB) production kits
  • Antifouling and passivation coatings
  • Hydrophobic, oleophobic, and omniphobic coatings and fabrics, nanotextured
  • Biomolecule immobilization and arrays
  • Live cell biosensors


ISurTec can assist in overcoming technical challenges faced during your product development process.  After an initial discussion to assess whether our technologies may hold promise for providing the desired surface properties and products, we generally proceed with the following process:

  • Feasibility Demonstration – With a limited study, we assess the feasibility of our technology for your application.
  • Work Plan – Having demonstrated  feasibility and at your request, we work with you to design a Statement of Work that spells out the desired product specifications, the experimental plan, the work to be performed by us and the work to be performed by you, the time frame for completion, and the budget.
  • Product Development – With plan approval, we work with you to achieve the objectives defined in the Statement of Work.
  • License and Supply Agreements – With successful completion of product development and your decision to proceed to commercialization, we negotiate with you the terms of technology licensing and supply of product for your manufacturing process.
  • Technology Transfer – We assist you in bringing the technology into your organization and provide technical support as needed to ensure that your manufacturing process runs smoothly.


If interested, please contact us to discuss our Contract R&D services in further detail.